Keep going.

Sad Eyes- Bat for Lashes

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  1. znlou said:

    I think for now, just take a break. From studying, from everything.. Don’t push yourself too hard now alright? Or at least until your therapy has successfully ended. There’s plenty of time next year, don’t be too hard on yourself. Do what you like now! Like reading or drawing or singing or gardening or skipping or eating or cooking or baking or ironing etcetc!

    This world will work the way you want it to be. True that we Singaporeans don’t really have a choice but to study, get a degree in university to find work to do to survive. But it doesn’t mean ALL of us have to be like that. Some of us CAN (remember how you taught me i can make choices and i control my life?) choose what we want to do, only if we are determined enough and have the perseverance and discipline to achieve it and make it work for ourselves. Then again, we can’t forget that we have to be responsible for the people around us, so we have to make plans. Real plans for the future. All in all just remember: this is your life val, you control it. You make it work.

    How about a good swim and lunch this saturday! =D (PS: i feel like trying out the ecospa thingy at the swimming complex hahahaha xD but maybe not saturday)

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