Mirror Man.


I thought this was really cool: http://www.wtfcostumes.com/mirror_man_suit.php

Had therapy in the morning at the hospital but it was really energy-draining this time and even the doctor asked me to go home and have a good rest (she’d never said that ever). Anyway, I traveled to Kino again (I go there every Tuesday now :D) to get my book that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while but didn’t want to get it until I finish the one I was still reading. This is my third book that I bought as my “after-therapy treat”. I’m so loving the fact that I spend more money on books than on food for the past couple of weeks. :)

Alright, time to have my lunch~

  1. znlou said:

    oh manz therapy must’ve been a tough nut. oops sounds wrong lolll.
    we’ll be here for u spiritually, go vaaaaaaal! *swishes pompoms*

  2. Valerie said:

    LOL! Yup, good luck for your exams. Don’t be too nervous! Remember to pack your bag and bring everything you need. Entry proof, I/C, stationery etc etc.

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