Everything’s good.


Shopping with Mom and reading Harry Potter (Book 1 is my favourite) helped to keep me happy today. :D
Oh, and I also cleared 80% of the stuff out of my old study desk (I had it since I was in eleven or twelve). I’m ready to throw the whole desk away by the end of this week. And that will leave me space to put a new sofa chair thing, which will be my early Christmas gift for myself from myself :), after I shift in the newer study desk bought this year.

Life’s good.

  1. znlou said:

    SHUTTER ISLAND! HELLA GOOD. It kinda reminds you of inception right? :D haha. Speaking of movies and happry potter omg I CAN’T WIAT FOR HP7 =)!

      • Valerie said:

        Happry Potter. HAHAHA.Remember Harry Pottery? LMAO. Yep, Shutter Island was good. It made me think but I’m not sure I’ve interpreted it correctly… So I shall discuss with you soon LOL. :O

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