Like a cult.

I just read an article on Seoulbeats and I’d like to share it. An extremely well-written piece.

“….I mean, netizens (which I think is only a term Koreans use) have driven celebrities to commit suicide. SUICIDE! It really goes above and beyond a social phenomena, it’s like a cult. The entire system is just bizarre and unhealthy. Why are Koreans (more so than other countries) so fixated on celebrities? Why do celebrities have so much influence? I think this is an important issue for not just people in Korea, but for lovers of k-pop culture. Being a fan is great, being obsessive/stalkerish about people you will probably never meet, is not. Let’s not forget what is most important to us and what affects us in our day-to-day lives. There are still taxes to be paid, laws to be passed, and denture adhesive to be scraped off the ground. Who should we be more critical of and hold to a higher standard?”


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