Fear can hold you prisoner.

Hope can set you free.

People have said “it takes a genius to live a simple life” and that sums up exactly what I came to realise few days back. I’m just too good at creating problems for myself.
Tracing back to the root of the problem, I always find myself to be the one to be blamed. Not a good feeling at all- it feels absolutely guilty to see that others had to carry the burden just because they are seemingly the ones at fault. Things are never black and white and people see what they chose to see. I am responsible for a lot of people’s unhappiness in a lot of ways. And they feel bad for me when they shouldn’t.

I guess I was feeling a little shitty recently but the thing is, I’ve got to move on and not let it become an open wound that would continuously give me hell. I need to let it heal fast. I’m glad I’m “in the process”.

Anyway, I just want to  listen more and talk less. Be there for those who need me especially. People sometimes will never know your intentions unless you can take the initiative to allow them to see your intentions.

Show a little care, you might save someone from suicide. That has now become my catchphrase since god knows when… I shouldn’t use that too often though. It is kind of… extreme, in my opinion.

Yj, if you are reading this, I am happy to see that you could get something out of mine as well as everyone else’s encouragements. Just trying to do the best I can for you. Please please please meet me soon. We are supposed to have a meal together… right? Just give me a call when you are free!

It’s 4:39AM now and I supposed to be asleep because I’ve got really important stuff  (okay, I lied. Not ultra important that sort… BUT still  relatively important) to do on Monday. Let’s just hope I can be alert and ready to conquer the world and stuff.

I’m currently halfway into Season 2 of Lie to Me which stars Tim Roth who was super duper amazing in that awesome show. Aaaaaa, I can’t wait to finish it!

From Kim’s 19th birthday!

Hahaha, the “credit card” people.

Everyone! Yes, it is a picture of pictures.

I’m totally glad that I have now gotten back into blogging. Gosh, I missed blogging.
Truthfully. :(


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