Double the intake of meds this week, it is only the fourth day and I am sick of it already. Thank goodness this won’t be for long. If not I will really go mad.

I hate that I fall asleep everywhere now. I can just sleep as long as I’m not moving. I did the dishes, bathed and ate with my eyes shut. It is ridiculous I am that tired to find it extremely difficult to even open my eyes. I would roll from my parents’ bed to my sis’s then to my own throughout the day, since I would fall asleep sitting down anyway. Somehow I feel so lazy and unproductive, doing things at old man’s speed. I’m even behaving like an old man.

I’m complaining so much not because I feel like I can’t handle it anymore. (Maybe a little bit of that… But at least I have the right to release some frustration, haven’t I?) But I can tell that I’m mindful of what I’m doing, how I’m feeling and things like that. And knowing makes me relieved. Really relieved. :)

I think if I don’t let the wound  heal quickly, it will just be an open wound and it will just cause more troubles later.


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