Raspberry Eruption, Strawberry Daiquiri Colossal, Chocolate Pecan Cluster.

‘Little Lion Man’ by Mumford & Sons

I think can never get sick of cakes. To choose between getting fat and being happy, I rather get fat and be happy. Feeling happy is just too precious for me.

And sometimes that’s so simple to achieve.

10 Things:

1. I’m seriously considering cutting my hair. :/
2. I need to stop drinking. By drinking I mean drinking all those unhealthy stuff like bbtea, hot chocolate, coffee/tea, coke. Not alcohol. The only alcohol related thing I drink is probably umeshu. (Choya!)
3. I’ve finished Season 1 of White Collar and now on Season 2!
4. I’m addicted to The Mentalist :(
5. I’m waiting for stuff to arrive! :D
6. I found The Time Traveler’s Wife hidden underneath my bed! Which means I can finally continue reading it.
7. I’m planning not to skip anymore classes! So I’ll probably go for Geography tomorrow :/ (If… I’m not tired.)
8. I’m working on my Mother’s Survival Kit. ;)
9. Actually, there is nothing else I want to add because my life is boring like that. But I will make it a list of 10 things.
10. Like this.

Have a good… weekend?

  1. Crazywoman said:

    Hey sweetie,

    It’s me:) I am here to tell you that yes we have drifted in some sense but the drifted part only means we meet lesser and stuff. My feelings & trust for you has never changed. You might not kmow but i was wondeing why disnt you come to send me off but i dont blame you my dear, dont worry. Life’s tough & it hits us hard but its through this we will get stronger. I’m with you val, right in your heart :) send me a fb msg to let me know how are you alright!

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