We are just ordinary people.

Meeting with Ms Wong on Friday was a huge success. At least it made me more sure of my decision. So I pretty much have got to move on from here and look forward. And frankly, I’m comfortable enough with that. Besides, I have kept my options open and found  out about the alternatives, all those which was seemingly more practical and I am certain I didn’t make my decision hastily. And that, I find is quite important especially when I was sort of like too confused and completely directionless.

Anyway, I just found out Serangoon gave me a reply about an hour ago and it’s a no too. Though they replied like eight days later, at the very least they were much less harsh than Tampines and I appreciated that a lot. So thank you to them, it made my decision even clearer. I’m going to lay down preparations for next year and hopefully be back on track really soon. As soon as maybe before December 5th, which is a random target date I set myself.

Okay I need to get on on e-mailing Ms Wong about arrangement of time regarding all the paperwork etc. etc. and the Serangoon rep to thank her for her reply. So yes, I’m stronger with my decision more than I have ever been even part of me knew it was going to be quite likely I chose this, from the very beginning. But then, I was definitely not having enough belief I was going to make it, and the foolishness of me thinking it was better if I could have challenged myself and return back to Temasek. (Even it wasn’t advised and even when I was not even one bit ready) And Ms Wong also felt I would have done this all along once I broke the news (probably like 2 months ago), but she just wanted me to go explore more options.

Oh yes, I have updated the sidebar. Again! ——>

Aaaah, I can’t wait for  Harry Potter on Tuesday! :D

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