I guess we can’t always work on what we want in an environment we desire. I’m not in denial and I’m really afraid of all that change, it’s probably inevitable. But it is just going to show how much I want to  move on. I feel the risks and uncertainties, just like everyone else. But that’s likely the better option and the one I’m more comfortable with. :)

I finally watched Bodyguards and Assassins at home today. :D Couldn’t really understand the show completely… But it was still nice.

Went to the hospital for therapy on Tuesday first before heading to the airport to have lunch with Zn + her friend (Vj food for lunch ;)) Read quite a bit there to kill time because I was meeting Ml and Juliet for dinner at Tmart that was meant to be some sort of catching up (but it wasn’t exactly too long since I last seen both of them).

Went to school on Thursday in the morning to “help out” with the Alicia birthday board and then headed to Expo to surprise her with a lot of people (Zn, Rah, Kim, Janna… and Teng and Krys who were at expo with Ali already). Oh, and the cake was goooood~ Thank you Zn for baoing the cake. And went back home for a nap because I woke up at like 4:55am in the morning. :(

Caught this with Sis on Friday.
“Let me go back to 1928 to confirm she holding a mobile phone. Lol!”



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