The melody in my head.

Worries fade away.

“There is an automatic assumption that negative is realistic and positive is unrealistic.Yet over 90% of what we worry do not happen.”


1. I finally returned to school (after almost 2 months!) on Monday to submit my deferment letter. Lunch in school with the classmates was kind of nice I think. :) I miss the food quite a bit.
2. I managed to find the time to head to Kino to get my book. :D
3. I went for my session at the hospital on Tuesday again as usual, after lunch and I bumped into Shazlyn!! :D Hadn’t seen her for… a really reeeeally long time. I was kinda in a rush so I didn’t stop and talk to her much, but it’s always nice to see your old friend once in a while. I really loved that type of feeling- it brightens up the rest of your day in a way of another.
4. Met up with Zn after she finished school and studied with her at the airport. I wasn’t very productive- only managed to finish 8 Math questions. :(

I hope a pleasant things will happen to everyone today! ;)


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