Roasted Peanuts!

Speaking a Dead Language- Joy Williams

Today, tuesday

Went to the hospital for my session after eating my pau and pancakes (rush rush rush) then Zn came over and we headed off to the airport to send Jay Park off. :) Oh my gawwwwd, he is super… clean (and white). :D Glad that I managed to see him for the last time while he’s still in Singapore. (btw, I’m not a Jay Park fan but at least I don’t hate him)
Aaaah, so he’s gone and for some reasons, I feel really sad. :(


Just finished watching The Amazing Race and am looking forward to the next episode.
Go Team JUMBA!

Kevjumba and his dad, Michael

Monday madness

Went for a swim after a light lunch. But after only around 20+ mins, it started to rain. So I only managed to swim 10 laps… But better then not being able to swim at all :)

Bought some more food home after swimming and then zn, who doesn’t want to go home after school, called me to go lepak with her. Though both of us do not know where to go, we ended up at the airport and then to Marina Bay Sands. :D Aurrsummumsummm place. Hadn’t been there since that time my mom and aunt brought me there which has been quite a while ago.

Walking back.

Yup, still walking...

Hope everyone will have a good night! :)

  1. znlou said:

    So glad you’re back to blogging hehehe I’m a stalker so watch out ;D

    • Valerie said:

      HAHAHAHA.Yeap, I’m backkkk.

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