The week.

This is my second post which isn’t going to be as lengthy as the first one.



Just finished lunch.

Had lunch at Su Korean Cuisine.


Spicy Rice Cakes!

Made some dukbokki again. This time, less “diluted” and more “sauce-y”. The first try previously was like… sigh. It’s supposed to be like instant food and I can’t cook instant food?!?

Frozen. With Rah at Pizzahut!

The H1 Geog students ended their Prelims! The rest of the class (H1/H2 History and H2 Geog peops) will end on Thursday…

Alicia, Rah, ml and I caught Devil which I thought was pretty alright, and headed for dinner after that. All of us were like frozen after the movie. :(


Windowshopped a bit, Actioncity-ed a bit and HOME!!


Swimming and got slightly burned, especially at the nose. But after 2 days now, I’ve gotten much fairer. :)

Funny show!

After swimming was lunch at Popeye’s and then went to ml’s place to watch Date Night.


Had lunch at Fish first to celebrate Krys’s birthday. OMG, the cake we all got for her is SUPERRRR nice.

Teng, special school student.

Kim, who secretly spam that game at home. :]

Spent like 10 bucks at Mind’s cafe but it was all worth it, not for the games but for the awesome time we had. Lol.
My fave is still Taboo, after so many years. :)


Stayed at home for most of the day except during lunch and dinner time. Sis promised to treat the family for a meal tomorrow. Hopefully it will come true. She has been saying that since.. Never mind.

We all decided we are going to have a class trip back to Kuantan, including the History peops this time! :D Aurrsummumsum!


It is currently 4:28am. Woke up at around 1am? I went to bed at like 8plus. Lol. :P

Heartbreak Warfare- John Mayer


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